Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut is produced from the fresh white meat of mature coconuts. It is ground, dried and sieved into desired cuts and grades.

a photo divided to two parts: a sliced coconut by its center at the top, and a chopped coconut with the shape of coconut circle at the bottom
  • High Fat Fine grade
  • High Fat Medium grade
  • Reduced Fat Fine grade
  • Reduced Extra Fat Fine grade
  • Reduced Fat Medium grade
  • Low Fat Fine grade
  • Low Fat Extra Fine grade

We perform in house de-shelling and paring of coconut in hygienic conditions undergoing a rigorous inspection system. The grated coconut passes through a blancher conveyor where the product stays in a steamed condition for about 7.5 minutes to kill active bacteria & restrict further growth of any bacteria. It is then dried in a controlled temperature of 100-105ÂșC. The produce is then inspected for any black or yellow spots and packaged straight into bags with an auto batch weighing system thereafter passing through a metal detector for final clearance.